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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists have been practicing at Duke University Medical Center for more than 50 years.  We have currently over 85 CRNAs on staff.  Our outstanding service and dedication to promote Duke’s mission of quality patient care, education, and research through nurse anesthesia practice is known nationally.

Our specialties in Duke’s main operating rooms include:  neurosurgery, pediatrics, orthopedics,  urology, gynecology, otolaryngology, and vascular/transplant.  The Ambulatory Surgery Center, Eye Center, Heart Center, Birthing Center and offsite specialty clinics also utilize our expertise.  Duke’s expanding surgical volume of high risk pediatric and adult patients requires an accomplished CRNA team with a high degree of both clinical skill and acumen.

CRNAAs Duke Medical Center’s mission expands internationally, a number of CRNAs have traveled to a variety of underserved countries.  This global outreach initiative not only promotes the profession of nurse anesthesia but also supports Duke’s mission of patient care and specialty provider education in areas that lack anesthesia providers.  Duke CRNAs have held both national and state association leadership positions and have been instrumental in maintaining our scope of practice and standard of care.  A number of Duke CRNAs have had distinguished military careers and others currently serve as reservists.

At Duke, the CRNAs and Anesthesiologists work in collaboration using the Anesthesia Care Team model.  The two professions have forged a cohesive, collegial and mutually respectful practice environment.  As such, the anesthesia department’s reputation for progressive anesthesia care as well as outstanding quality of service is recognized worldwide.

CRNAs at Duke have abundant educational opportunities.  Staff CRNAs participate in the education of future anesthesia providers attending the Duke School of Nurse Anesthesia.  Several anesthetists serve as speakers for regional, national and international meetings.  We are proud of our contributions and reputation in the advancement of nurse anesthesia practice at Duke and we serve an integral role in the growth of a nationally recognized medical center.

CRNA Top Stories

A Duke CRNA’s Life-Saving Story

Nurse Anesthetist, Bryan Carrico, CRNA, MSN, shares his story in Duke TODAY after springing into action at a local driving range to help save a stranger’s life.

Duke Anesthesiology Career Service Awards

Duke Anesthesiology proudly recognizes members of the department who have demonstrated outstanding service and dedication to Duke!

Pediatric Medical Mission in the Philippines

Two members of the Duke Anesthesiology team return to the Philippines for their fifth cardiac surgery mission to assist in open heart operations on children with congenital heart defects.

Chief Nurse Anesthetist Appointed

Congratulations to Adam Flowe, CRNA, MSN, for being named Chief Nurse Anesthetist for Duke University Hospital! Flowe recently served as the interim chief nurse anesthetist and brings twelve years of experience to the Duke team.

Megan Foureman Nominated for “Excellence in Nursing”

Congratulations to Megan Foureman, CRNA, MSN, for being nominated for the Friends of Nursing Award! This endowed program's mission is to reward and recognize excellence in nursing and provide affordable educational opportunities for nurses.

Winners Announced for the Annual Strength, Hope, and Caring Team Award

Congratulations to Mike Neal, CRNA, MSN; Catherine Suitt, NP, MSN,...

Duke Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center hosts Simulation Instructor Workshop

The HSPSC hosted a 2-day Simulation Instructor workshop for 10...

Positive Outcomes Related to Utilizing a Dedicated Anesthesia Team in the Electrophysiology Lab

The patient population in the electrophysiology (EP) lab presents a unique challenge for anesthesia and conscious sedation providers.

Thank You, Bob Foy, for 37 Great Years at Duke!

Ever since around 1969, when I was in the Army...

2014 Academic Evening Wrap-Up

The 22nd Annual Academic Evening, held on Tuesday May 13th, was a wonderful success!

Long-Time CRNA Jim Neblett Retires this June

By Dana N. Wiener, MD Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Jim Neblett,...

CRNA Merrie Gough, A Local Hero

One of our very own CRNAs, Merrie Gough, is a...

Perspectives on Anesthesia at Mulago

By Megan Foureman, CRNA, MSN | September 20-23, 2013 The...

Mike Neal’s Heroism

By Tiffany Nickel Mike Neal, CRNA, MSN, has been employed...

Duke Anesthesiology Career Service Awards

Duke Anesthesiology proudly recognizes members of the department who have demonstrated outstanding service and dedication to Duke!

The Duke CRNA Service Award: Janet Goral

The Duke CRNA Service Award was presented to Janet Goral...

The Duke CRNA Service Award

The Duke CRNA Service Award was presented to Sandra Goodeve,...

Duke CRNA Excellence: Mike Neal, CRNA

Mike Neal, CRNA in the Duke Adult EP Lab recently...

Adam Flowe, CRNA

Adam Flowe, CRNA

Chief Nurse Anesthetist
Office: 919-668-1778
Fax: 919-668-4776
Pager: 919-970-9136

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Carrie Hines, Administrative Assistant
and Scheduling Coordinator

Office: 919-668-1778
Pager: 919-970-8984

CRNA Managers

Natalie Clarke, CRNA

Ambulatory Surgical Center
Pager (919) 970-8750
Office (919) 668-2046

Amelia Fiore, CRNA, MSN

Duke North/DMP
Pager (919) 970-4416
Office (919) 385-4016

Sarah Miller, CRNA

Eye Center
pager (919) 970-8690
office (919) 684-6705

CRNA Clinical Leads

Michael A. Neal, CRNA, MSN

Adult Electrophysiology Lab CRNA Clinical Team Leader
Clinical Associate CRNA Faculty
Duke University School of Nursing
Nurse Anesthesia Program

Pager (919) 970-8743
Office (919) 681-0298

Darren Sessler, CRNA, MSN

GI CRNA Clinical Team Lead
Pager (919) 970-4340
Office (919) 684-5258