Providing state-of-the-art methodology for clinical, basic science and translational research empowers the Department of Anesthesiology at Duke to explore revolutionary clinical inquiries by using innovative investigation methods. Through significant research in neuroscience, molecular biology, molecular and human pharmacology endeavors, our team is making crucial advancements for patients worldwide. Our laboratories offer an environment for groundbreaking findings that transcend boundaries in our field.

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The Division of Basic Sciences is devoted to the pre-clinical study of critical scientific questions that could impact patient care in anesthesiology.

The Biostatistics and Clinical Outcomes group provides statistical collaboration to clinical, genomic, and basic science research programs in the Department of Anesthesiology.

Duke Clinical Anesthesiology Research Endeavors (CARE) is a departmental initiative to further organize our clinical research efforts in all areas of anesthesia and peri-operative research.

Research News

Dr. Berger Receives Prestigious K76 Award

Congratulations to Miles Berger, MD, PhD, and Duke Anesthesiology colleagues on receiving a five-year, $1,195,505 NIH grant aimed at understanding the role of neuro-inflammation in postoperative cognitive dysfunction.

Dr. Zhang Wins Poster Award at Inaugural Pain Meeting

Congratulations to Xin Zhang, MD, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow, on receiving an award for “Outstanding Poster” which underlines research that may prove useful in the management of functional pain syndromes.

Neuroscientists Awarded School of Medicine Voucher

Congratulations to Drs. Niccolò Terrando and Zhiquan Zhang on receiving an $8,000 voucher for their project that aims to prevent memory dysfunction after surgery with a novel, pro-resolving peptide.

Adult Cardiothoracic Fellow Featured in Anesthesiology News

Dr. Tera Cushman shares the findings of a QI project that highlights the wastage of infused medications throughout the perioperative process and offers a solution to save money and medicine.

New POET Program Featured in Modern Healthcare

Duke Anesthesiology’s Perioperative Enhancement Team makes national headlines for the recent launch of its Preoperative Nutrition Program that uses new interventions to address malnutrition in surgical patients.

Dr. Maixner Appointed Vice Chair for Research

Congratulations to William Maixner, DDS, PhD, on his new leadership role within Duke Anesthesiology in which he will develop an interdisciplinary strategy and lead efforts to grow and promote research.

Dr. Jordt Named Co-Chair of Terrorism & Inhalation Disasters Section

Congratulations to Sven-Eric Jordt, PhD, on his appointment to a group that aims to improve disaster preparedness, response and research, including the development of new therapeutics for chemical inhalation injury.

Promising Neuroprotection Strategy Published in Stroke

Drs. Wulf Paschen and Wei Yang co-author a manuscript with potentially high-impact findings - a novel approach of neuroprotection tailored to improve ischemic stroke outcome in aged brains.

Anesthesiologists Address Surgery’s Risks for the Brain

Duke Anesthesiology chairman, Dr. Joseph Mathew, and Drs. Miles Berger and Niccolò Terrando are featured in the journal Science about postoperative cognitive dysfunction and research surrounding this condition.

Cancer-Pain Discovery at Duke Makes Headlines

New research from Dr. Ru-Rong Ji’s lab reveals a pain-masking molecule in melanoma cells – a study that could predict which cancer patients would benefit from immunotherapy treatments.

Dr. Kwatra Awarded Funding for Glioblastoma Study

Congratulations to Madan Kwatra, PhD, on being awarded a two-year, $763,200 grant to evaluate novel anti-cancer agents against glioblastoma subtypes - a personalized approach to treating the disease.

FAER Awards Dr. Quinones Research Training Grant

Congratulations to Quintin Quinones, MD, PhD, on receiving a $175,000 grant to investigate hibernation biology of the arctic ground squirrel to identify potential therapeutic targets for surgical/critical care patients.

Duke Anesthesiology Marks Academic Evening’s Silver Anniversary

A large crowd gathered to collaborate and celebrate the department’s excellence in research at this year’s 25th annual Academic Evening. View the highlights in this event wrap up!

Simulation Specialist Receives Patient Safety Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Jeffrey Taekman on being awarded $108,668 in funding for his proposal to implement an interprofessional simulation-centric crisis resource management learning experience with Duke University Hospital.

Duke University Awards Dr. Maixner Distinguished Professorship

Congratulations to William Maixner, DDS, PhD, on his appointment as the Joannes H. Karis, MD, Professor of Anesthesiology for demonstrating extraordinary scholarship in advancing science and improving human health.

Dr. Kwatra Awarded Funding in the Fight Against Glioblastoma

Congratulations to Madan Kwatra, PhD, on receiving a $715,500 grant to study a novel chemotherapeutic agent that may help a wider subset of patients battling a deadly brain cancer.

Dr. Taekman Awarded Funding for Microbiome Clinical Trial

Jeffrey Taekman, MD, receives nearly $70,000 in funding to explore the association between the administration of prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides and pain, anxiety and cognitive function in the perioperative period.

Dr. Nicoara Receives Inaugural Echocardiography Award

Congratulations to Alina Nicoara, MD, on being chosen as the first-ever recipient of the Echo Week Co-Directors’ Award from the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists for her expertise in this field!

Faculty Awarded Grant to Advance Field of Transplantation

Congratulations to Anne Cherry, MD, on receiving a one-year, $50,000 grant for research aimed at identifying new interventions for a devastating complication in cardiac transplant patients.

Researcher Awarded Grant to Study the Most Aggressive Cancer

Congratulations to Madan Kwatra, PhD, on receiving nearly $100,000 for a study that will test the efficacy of a specific class of drugs in the fight against glioblastoma.

Division Chief Addresses Pain Scores and Opioid Use in the Labor Ward

In an Anesthesiology News article, Dr. Ashraf Habib shares insight about his study that prompted a department-wide protocol regarding analgesic needs of women with post-labor perineal lacerations.

Dr. Levy Co-Authors Manuscript in NEJM

A team of investigators aim to improve patient outcomes by evaluating the efficacy and safety of inotropic agent, levosimendan, in patients with left ventricular dysfunction undergoing cardiac surgery.

Dr. Kertai Published in Anesthesiology News

A new study at Duke reveals pre and postoperative anemia are significant predictors of postoperative acute kidney injury and is the first to examine outcomes of patients undergoing cardiac surgery.

Dr. Maixner Named President of American Pain Society

Congratulations to William Maixner, DDS, PhD, on his new appointment in a society that aims to transform public policy and clinical practice to reduce pain-related issues.

Anesthesia Faculty Awarded Health Innovation Grant

Congratulations to Drs. Annemarie Thompson and Madhav Swaminathan on receiving $50,000 in funding for a project expected to have a significant impact on health care delivery and management.

Postdoctoral Fellow Receives APS Award

Congratulations to Dr. Xin Zhang on receiving the Young Investigator Travel Award to present a poster about functional pain syndromes at the annual meeting of the American Pain Society!

Patient Success Story Featured in Clinical Practice Today

In a “Quick Case Challenge,” Dr. Wolfgang Liedtke shares the story of a middle-aged woman suffering from stabbing, neuralgic pain and reveals the multiple interventions that treated her condition.

Undergraduate Researcher Awarded Fellowship

Congratulations to Katie Kanter on receiving a Duke 2017 Summer Neuroscience Program fellowship for her project, titled “Effects of MOR-1K Genetic Variation on Cellular Activity.”

A Breath of Fresh Air for Eucalyptus Research

A study from Dr. Sven-Eric Jordt’s lab identifies a protein in humans that serves as eucalyptol’s target to treat skin and lung inflammation which could lead to novel therapeutics.

Regional Division Chief Receives Funding for Opioid Study

Dr. Jeffrey Gadsden is awarded nearly $200,000 for a randomized and controlled clinical trial to further investigate the efficacy of oral versus intravenous formulation for postoperative pain.

Dr. Klinger Published in Anesthesiology News

Learn more about this pilot study and why Rebecca Klinger, MD, says deep hypothermia has “ushered in the modern era of safe and effective aortic arch surgery.”

Dr. Dominguez Awarded 2017 SOAP Grant

Congratulations to Jennifer Dominguez, MD, MHS, on receiving a two-year, $100,000 grant to study obstructive sleep apnea in high-risk pregnant women with chronic hypertension to improve neonatal outcomes.

Research Publications Spotlight

Journal of Applied Physiology Commentaries on Viewpoint: Anemia Contributes to Cardiovascular Disease Through Reductions in Nitric Oxide Allen BW, Debevec...

Research Publications Spotlight

Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine Ultrasound-Guided Suprainguinal Fascia Iliaca Technique Provides Benefit as an Analgesic Adjunct for Patients Undergoing Total Hip Arthroplasty. Bullock WM, Yalamuri SM, Gregory SH, Auyong DB, Grant SA

Aspiring Physician-Scientist Awarded Prestigious Fellowship

Congratulations to Alexander Chamessian, a member of Drs. Ru-Rong Ji and Thomas Van de Ven’s pain laboratories, for receiving a Grass Fellowship for his research project.

Athletic Scanner Could Improve Care of ICU Patients

In an Outside magazine article, Dr. Paul Wischmeyer explains how a muscle glycogen scanner, traditionally used by Olympic athletes, is now helping hospital patients avoid “ICU-acquired weakness.”

Research Publications Spotlight

Segall N, Bennett-Guerrero E. ICU Rounds: What We’ve Got Here Is Failure to Communicate. Crit Care Med. 2017 Feb;45(2):366-367.

Research Publications Spotlight

Scientific Reports Neuroprotective Pentapeptide CN-105 Improves Functional and Histological Outcomes in a Murine Model of Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Lei B, James ML,...

Acupuncture Proves to be Integrative Therapy for Bell’s Palsy

Dr. Jongbae Jay Park co-authors a manuscript that raises awareness about the importance of including acupuncture in treatment packages for those with facial paralysis.

Dr. Terrando Awarded Core Specific Voucher

Congratulations to Niccolò Terrando, PhD, on receiving $5,000 to evaluate vagal nerve stimulation, a novel intervention that could be an effective therapy for cognitive dysfunction after surgery.

Research Publications Spotlight

Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice A Close Look at an Integrative Treatment Package for Bell’s Palsy in Korea Lee SMK,...

Research Publications Spotlight

Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice A Close Look at an Integrative Treatment Package for Bell’s Palsy in Korea Lee SMK,...

Research Publications Spotlight

Wen LY1, Gaba DM, Udani AD. Summative Assessments Using Simulation Requires Safeguards. Anesth Analg. 2017 Jan;124(1):369.

Regional Anesthesiologists Publish New Pain Control Trends

In a three-page feature article in SAMBA Link, Drs. Joshua Dooley and Srinivas Pyati reveal regional anesthesia techniques that can improve postoperative pain for patients undergoing breast surgery.

Pediatric Anesthesia Chief Comments on Alarming Statistic

Dr. Allison Ross is featured on Reuters and FOX News for her insight about a new study that reveals a significant number of children live far from child surgery specialists.

Research Publications Spotlight

Bullock WM, Yalamuri SM, Gregory SH, Auyong DB, Grant SA. Ultrasound-Guided Suprainguinal Fascia Iliaca Technique Provides Benefit as an Analgesic...

Research Publications Spotlight

Crowson MG, Berger M, McCarthy GC, Powers DB. Orbitocerebral Impalement: Case Discussion and Management Algorithm. Craniomaxillofacial Trauma and Reconstruction.  2016...

Dr. Ji’s Lab Makes Local Headlines for Autism-Pain Discovery

Duke Anesthesiology’s chief of pain research is featured in Duke Today for a collaborative study that reveals a potential mechanism underlying pain insensitivity in autism – a first-of-its-kind finding.

Research Publications Spotlight

Bennett-Guerrero E, Lockhart EL, Bandarenko N, Campbell ML, Natoli MJ, Jamnik VK, Carter TR, Moon RE. A Randomized Controlled Pilot...

Research Publications Spotlight

Cobey FC, Ferreira R, Ursprung WW, Karhausen J, Swaminathan M, Mackensen GB. A Novel Approach to Assess the Three-Dimensional Anatomy...

Dr. Maixner Makes National Headlines About Surgeon General’s Report

In an article featured on NBC News, learn why a world-renowned pain researcher with Duke Anesthesiology praises the landmark report on drug addiction but thinks it missed an opportunity.

Research Publications Spotlight

Smith PJ, Blumenthal JA, Snyder LD, Mathew JP, Durheim M, Hoffman BM, Rivelli S, Palmer SM. Depressive Symptoms and Early...

Associate Vice Chair for Clinical Research Appointed

Duke Anesthesiology welcomes Paul Wischmeyer, MD, who brings more than 20 years of experience in critical care, perioperative care and clinical nutrition to his three new roles.

Dr. Ji Published in Special Issue of Science

A review article by Ru-Rong Ji, PhD, is featured in the “Pain Research” issue for his study that investigates chronic inflammation and pain regulation by non-neuronal cells.

Research Publications Spotlight

Tanaka P, Park L, Tanaka M, Udani AD, Macario1 A. Development and Testing of a Curriculum for Teaching Informed Consent...

2016 FAER Inductees Announced

Congratulations to Drs. William Maixner and Paul Wischmeyer for being appointed as members of the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research Academy of Research Mentors in Anesthesiology.

National Media Features Dr. Jordt Lab Study

Sven-Eric Jordt, PhD, and his co-investigators make headlines on CBS News and U.S. News & World Report for their discovery that an antibody can soothe the raging, nerve-driven itch from poison ivy.

Itch Therapies Study Published in National Academy Journal

Funding from Duke Anesthesiology’s DREAM Campaign helps researchers develop a strategy to stop uncontrollable itching - a discovery that could lead to treatments for those allergic to poison ivy.

Director of Orofacial Pain Published in AJO-DO

Dr. Aurelio Alonso co-authors a study that compares different approaches to calculate airway volumes which can play a pivotal role in diagnosing patients with breathing disorders.

Faculty Named Duke Health Scholars and Fellows

Congratulations to the three Duke Anesthesiology faculty members recognized for their past achievements and future potential for continued success as clinician-scientists in an inaugural program!

Research Publications Spotlight

Khailova L, Baird CH, Rush AA, Barnes C, Wischmeyer PE. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG Treatment Improves Intestinal Permeability and Modulates Inflammatory...

That’s a Wrap! Highlights From ASA 2016

It was another successful ASA meeting for Duke Anesthesiology! Read the full recap and view snapshots from the alumni event and the first place finish at Run For The Warriors!

Research Publications Spotlight

Hopkins TJ, Raghunathan K, Barbeito A, Cooter M, Stafford-Smith M, Schroeder R, Grichnik K, Gilbert R, Aronson S. Associations Between...

Research Publications Spotlight

Keenan JE, Benrashid E, Kale E, Nicoara A, Husain AM, Hughes GC. Neurophysiological Intraoperative Monitoring During Aortic Arch Surgery. Semin...

Dr. Berger Receives Inaugural Research Accolade

Congratulations to Miles Berger, MD, PhD, for being awarded the newly established William L. Young Neuroscience Research Award at the SNACC’s 44th annual meeting!

Duke Anesthesiology Wins Clinical Science Awards

Congratulations to the investigators who were awarded “Best of Abstracts: Clinical Science” at this year’s ASA meeting! Learn more about these studies that were featured in a special session.

2017 DIG Recipients Revealed

Congratulations to Drs. Kamrouz Ghadimi and Ian Welsby for receiving a DREAM Innovation Grant for their cutting-edge research at this year’s Duke Anesthesiology alumni event!

Research Publications Spotlight

Kertai MD, Cheruku S, Qi W, Li YJ, Hughes GC, Mathew JP, Karhausen JA. Mast Cell Activation and Arterial Hypotension...

Pain Signaling Study Published in PNAS

Using a mouse bone-fracture model, two Duke Anesthesiology DIG recipients align with a renowned scientist in pain biology to investigate the connection between postoperative pain and cognitive dysfunction.

Study Shows Menthol Makes Nicotine More Palatable

Dr. Sven-Eric Jordt’s laboratory reveals research that he hopes will inform regulatory policies to curtail tobacco use and prevent children from becoming tobacco consumers.

Chief of Pain Research Awarded NIH Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Ru-Rong Ji and his co-investigators for receiving $100,000 to study a largely unaddressed challenge - how the transition from acute to chronic neuropathic pain occurs.

Research Publications Spotlight

Liu CC, Gao YJ, Luo H, Berta T, Xu ZZ, Ji RR, Tan PH. Interferon Alpha Inhibits Spinal Cord Synaptic...

CTPM Faculty Published in Pain Journals

Drs. Thomas Buchheit and Thomas Van de Ven publish manuscripts that examine post-amputation care models and inflammatory mediators in amputees with implications for future non-opioid therapies.

Research Publications Spotlight

Waldron NH, Stolp BW, Ogilvie MP, Powers DB, Shaughnessy MR. Transorbital Endotracheal Intubation: A Nonstandard Approach to a Difficult Airway....

Duke AHEAD Grant Awarded

Congratulations to Dr. Ankeet Udani, one of five co-investigators on a team led by Dr. Jennie De Gagne, for receiving a grant to develop interprofessional cybercivility modules.

Dr. Roy Featured in U.S. News & World Report

Regional anesthesiologist, Lance Roy, MD, provides his insight about the benefits of using implanted pumps in an article titled, “New (and Old) Ways to Battle Pain.”

Research Publications Spotlight

Karhausen J, Abraham SN. How Mast Cells Make Decisions. J Clin Invest. 2016 Sep 19. pii: 90361. [Epub ahead of...

Journal Cites Duke Anesthesiology Study

An editorial published by the journal of the Alzheimer’s Association highlights the MADCO-PC study presented by Dr. Miles Berger at the New York Academy of Sciences.

Grant Awarded to Improve Stroke Outcomes

Congratulations to Wei Yang, PhD, and his co-investigators for receiving a $1.7 million grant to determine the roles of endoplasmic reticulum stress and the unfolded protein response in stroke.

Duke Doctors Featured in A&A Case Reports

Learn more about this case that illustrates a rare and dramatic example of the use of TEE in goal-directed therapy and visualizing real-time improvement of hemodynamics.

Dr. Levy Published in Anesthesia & Analgesia

Jerrold Levy, MD, co-authors a study of the effects of hemodilution, titled “A Step Toward Balance: Thrombin Generation Improvement via Procoagulant Factor and Antithrombin Supplementation.”

Research Publications Spotlight

Roy LA, Gunasingha RM, Rauck R. New Modalities of Neurostimulation: High Frequency and Dorsal Root Ganglion. Curr Opin Anaesthesiol. 2016...

That’s a Wrap!
2016 Meeting Roundup

View the highlights and snapshots from Duke Anesthesiology’s 18th annual conference, “Controversies in Perioperative Medicine,” which took place “back home” for the first time in 18 years! And, learn what’s in store for 2018.

Research Publications Spotlight

Oprea AD, Lombard FW, Liu WW, White WD, Karhausen JA, Li YJ, Miller TE, Aronson S, Gan TJ, Fontes ML,...

Triathlete Study Gains National Attention

The medical director of Duke Anesthesiology’s Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology publishes research that finds immersion pulmonary edema may cause swimming deaths during triathlons.

Landmark Article Cites Duke Anesthesiologists

The New England Journal of Medicine cites a paper written by Drs. Kamrouz Ghadimi, Jerrold Levy and Ian Welsby in a breakthrough article about the reversal agent, Andexanet Alfa.

Research Publications Spotlight

Gregory SH, Swaminathan M, Maisonave Y, Machovec KA. Management of 1-Lung Ventilation in a Patient With Failing Fontan Circulation. A...

Pain Researcher Awarded NIH Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Andrea Nackley of the Center for Translational Pain Medicine for receiving a grant to further study factors that contribute to overlapping pain conditions.

New Study Tracks Bacterial Imbalance

Dr. Paul Wischmeyer, incoming faculty of Duke Anesthesiology, earns national headlines for cutting-edge research that reveals ICU patients lose helpful gut bacteria during hospital admissions.

Survival Expert Makes National Headlines

In the wake of an earthquake in Italy, Duke Anesthesiology’s Dr. Richard Moon weighs-in on the crucial factors that can help victims caught in the destruction, survive.

Dr. James Co-Authors Special Issue of Anesthesiology Clinics

Learn more about Dr. Michael “Luke” James’ new study that offers anesthesiologists insight about the management of some neuromuscular diseases commonly seen in the O.R. and N.I.C.U.

Dr. MacLeod Published with Revered Anesthesia Researcher

David MacLeod, MBBS, co-authors a manuscript in Anesthesia & Analgesia about the effects of acute, profound hypoxia in healthy humans with Dr. John Severinghaus.

Research Publications Spotlight

Smith M, James ML, Kofke WA, Armstead WM, Gupta DK. Advances in Neuroscience in Anesthesia and Critical Care. Anesthesiology Clinics...

DREAM Campaign Support Results in NIH Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Sven-Eric Jordt’s laboratory for receiving a two-year grant that will support highly innovative research to identify mechanisms of itch.

Research Publications Spotlight

Chen G, Xie RG, Gao YJ, Xu ZZ, Zhao LX, Bang S, Berta T, Park CK, Lay M, Chen W,...

Dr. Bill Maixner Authors “Groundbreaking Publication”

The director of the Center for Translational Pain Medicine is generating a buzz in the pain field with a new study aimed at identifying “clusters” of chronic pain patients.

A Steadfast Search for Pain Genes

As featured in the journal, Nature, learn how Dr. Bill Maixner, a world-renowned pain researcher at Duke Anesthesiology, is collaborating with molecular geneticists to revolutionize pain treatments.

Recent Research Publications

Whitener G, Sivak J, Akushevich I, Samad Z, Swaminathan M. Grading Aortic Stenosis With Mean Gradient and Aortic Valve Area:...

ER Collaboration Published in ASRA Newsletter

Faculty of Duke Anesthesiology’s Orthopaedics, Plastics and Regional Anesthesiology Division explain how peripheral nerve catheters are improving the care of elderly patients with hip fractures.

Pilot Study Published in Anesthesiology

Duke’s Ambulatory Anesthesia Division and the Brain Imaging and Analysis Center collaborate on research that provides evidence that peripheral nerve blocks may be a useful approach to investigate brain plasticity.

Research Publications Spotlight

Harmon JB, Sanders AE, Wilder RS, Essick GK, Slade GD, Hartung JE, Nackley AG. Circulating Omentin-1 and Chronic Painful Temporomandibular...

CTPM Director Appointed to European Pain School Board

Congratulations to Bill Maixner, DDS, PhD, for his appointment to the board of directors of the European Pain School, an educational project devoted to the study of pain!

Duke Alumnus Joins NASA Mission Underseas

Learn what Dr. Dawn Kernagis hopes to find at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean during a 16-day mission with aquanauts which she calls “the chance of a lifetime.”

Duke Today Features Morpheus Consortium Launch

Dean Andrews’ signing of the perioperative medicine collaboration between Duke University’s School of Medicine and University College London makes local headlines!

Research Publications Spotlight

Rothenberg C, Achanta S, Svendsen ER, Jordt SE. Tear Gas: An Epidemiological and Mechanistic Reassessment. Ann N Y Acad Sci....

POET Featured in Clinical Practice Today

In the issue, “Endocrinology,” learn about the latest initiative of Duke Anesthesiology’s Perioperative Enhancement Team aimed at improving outcomes for patients undergoing spine surgery.

Supplemental Award Backs Unique Collaboration

Thanks to DTRI funding, Drs. Miles Berger and Niccolo Terrando team-up to explore the role of inflammation in cognitive issues after surgery, to translate preclinical findings directly into patient care.

Director of Orofacial Pain Appointed

Duke Anesthesiology welcomes Aurelio Alonso, DDS, MS, PhD, the first boarded orofacial pain clinician at Duke, who will help lead the new Center for Translational Pain Medicine.

Four Departments, One $3M Grant

Congratulations to Duke Anesthesiology Chairman Joseph Mathew and his co-investigators for receiving a grant for their first-of-its-kind study in humans that will advance the field of cardiac surgery.

Research Publications Spotlight

Balbi KE, Taicher BM, Litman RS. Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia, Malignant Hyperthermia, and Inappropriate Use of Secondary References. Paediatr Anaesth. 2016 Aug;26(8):857-8....

Faculty Appointed as Research Liaison

Congratulations to Michael “Luke” James, MD, for his appointment as Duke-NUS clinical research liaison. Learn more about his new role with Duke leaders and our collaborators in Singapore.

Duke Team Receives Research Incubator Award

Congratulations to a 2016 Dream Innovation Grant recipient, and his team, for receiving a $75,000 award to further research a novel intervention to prevent cognitive dysfunction after surgery.

Research Publications Spotlight

Harvey D, Pollock NW, Gant N, Hart J, Mesley P, Mitchell SJ. Comparison of Duration of Two CO2 Absorbents in...

Signing of the “Morpheus Consortium”

Two universities unite with one shared goal. Learn how this new partnership, which officially kicked-off in the Dean’s suite, will “change the face of anesthesiology” here and abroad.

Dr. Stafford-Smith Commends Cardiac Study

In the Anesthesiology News article, "Chronic Myocardial Infarction Found Promoting Regional Neural Changes," learn what Mark Stafford-Smith, MD, believes could be a crucial step toward treating cardiac injury.

Grant Awarded to Study High-Risk Transplants

Congratulations to Drs. Mihai Podgoreanu and Quintin Quinones for receiving a $10,000 grant for a project aimed to improve the care of critically ill lung transplant patients.

Dr. Zhang Awarded Grant for Proteomics Research

Congratulations to Zhiquan Zhang, PhD, for being awarded a $10,000 grant in effort to discover underlying cardioprotective pathways that could lead to the development of therapeutic strategies.

Research Publications Spotlight

Berta T, Qadri YJ, Chen G, Ji RR. Microglial Signaling in Chronic Pain with a Special Focus on Caspase 6,...

Dr. Berger Discusses “Science Behind the Scene”

In the June issue of ASA’s monthly newsletter, learn what Miles Berger, MD, PhD, believes is one of the major challenges facing cognitive decline research.

Research Publications Spotlight

Rahe-Meyer N, Levy JH, Mazer CD, Schramko A, Klein AA, Brat R, Okita Y, Ueda Y, Schmidt DS, Ranganath R,...

Grant Could Lead to Medical Breakthrough

Congratulations to Dr. Wulf Paschen for receiving a grant to develop a novel strategy for neuroprotection which he believes could greatly improve outcomes in elderly patients after an ischemic event.

Duke’s New Acupuncturist Featured in Medical Journal

World-renowned acupuncturist, Dr. Jongbae “Jay” Park, is featured in Clinical Practice Today for his innovative pain therapies that helped a patient regain movement in her neck and jaw.

Resident Wins First Place for Research

Rising CA-1 resident, Dr. Sarah Cotter, competes against 30 trainees and takes home first place for her poster presentation at this year’s Duke Clinical Research Day!

Clinical Director Published in Anesthesia & Analgesia

Dr. Madhav Swaminathan is among a select group of international experts chosen to co-author a paper that defines the scope of perioperative ultrasound, titled “…A Call to Action.”

Duke Researchers Discover Promising Pain Treatment

A research team at Duke, including Dr. Wolfgang Liedtke, associate professor of anesthesiology, is making national headlines for their discovery of a potential new class of pain relievers that could replace opioids!

Research Publications Spotlight

Martini AC, Berta T, Forner S, Chen G, Bento AF, Ji RR, Rae GA. Lipoxin A4 Inhibits Microglial Activation and...

Research Publications Spotlight

Yu Z, Sheng H, Liu S, Zhao S, Glembotski CC, Warner DS, Paschen W, Yang W. Activation of the ATF6...

Cardiac Anesthesiologist “Gives Blood a Boost”

In another Duke/UNC collaboration, learn how Duke Anesthesiology’s Dr. Ian Welsby is helping to repurpose an FDA-approved method that will help patients with sickle cell disease like never before.

Researchers Reveal “Stress Response” in Anesthesiology

Is there a physiologic basis linking pain to stress? Duke Anesthesiology’s Dr. Brittney Ciszek, Dr. Andrea Nackley and Sandra O’Buckley weigh-in on that discussion in the article, “Molecular Interaction Between Stress and Pain.”

Wei Yang, PhD, Awarded AHA Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Yang for receiving a two-year grant from the American Heart Association for further research that has the potential to provide critical insights into the pathophysiology of brain injury after cardiac arrest.

Anesthesiology Team Wins GME Award

Congratulations to the fellow/faculty team for receiving the Graduate Medical Education Concentration Award for their presentation about blood transfusion protocol for cardiac surgery patients.

Research Publications Spotlight

Berger M, García PS. Anesthetic Suppression of Thalamic High-Frequency Oscillations: Evidence that the Thalamus Is More Than Just a Gateway...

Researchers Featured in Anesthesiology

Learn more about the abstract, featured in the journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, which concludes peripheral adrenergic input is necessary for the development of persistent COMT-dependent pain.

Ian Welsby, MB, Co-Authors JAMA Abstract

Read more about the abstract that evaluates the efficacy and safety of early aspirin administration for the prevention of acute respiratory distress system.

Resident Awarded American Heart Association Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Nate Waldron, CA-3 resident, for receiving a two-year grant to provide further research of a common complication after cardiac surgery.

That’s a Wrap! Highlights from Duke Anesthesiology’s 24th Annual Academic Evening

Duke Anesthesiology hosted another successful Academic Evening, featuring an impressive 103 poster abstract presentations from the department’s junior level investigators and faculty.

Research Publications Spotlight

Clay AS, Ming DY, Knudsen NW, Engle DL, Grochowski CO, Andolsek KM, Chudgar SM. CaPOW! Using Problem Sets in a...

PDC Awards ENABLE Research Grants

Congratulations to three Duke Anesthesiology faculty members for receiving ENhanced Academics in a Basic Laboratory Environment (ENABLE) grants to expand their involvement in basic science research.

Research Publications Spotlight

Ceponis P, Keilman C, Guerry C, Freiberger JJ. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Osteonecrosis. Oral Dis. 2016 Apr 7. [Epub ahead...

Research Publications Spotlight

Maxwell C, Konoske R, Mark J. Emerging Concepts in Transesophageal Echocardiography. F1000Res. 2016 Mar 14;5. pii: F1000 Faculty Rev-340. eCollection...

Chief of GVT Division Featured as Book Editor

Dr. Tim Miller, also the vice president of the American Society for Enhanced Recovery, is one of five editors of a new book, titled “Enhanced Recovery for Major Abdominopelvic Surgery.”

Rising Anesthesia Intern Wins Abstract Award

Congratulations to a member of Duke Anesthesiology’s Match Class of 2020, Dr. Russ Horres, for winning one of the “Best of Meeting” abstracts at the ASER/EBPOM 2016 conference!

Michael “Luke” James, MD, Quoted in Neurology Today

In the article, “IV Glyburide Shows Promise in Reducing Edema After Ischemic Stroke,” learn why Dr. James calls researchers' findings of an oral diabetes drug “significant but still borderline.”

That’s a Wrap for ASER/EBPOM 2016

It was a strong Duke presence at the 2016 Annual Congress of Enhanced Recovery and Perioperative Medicine conference, a partnership dedicated to sharing scientific innovations that can improve patient outcomes.

Research Publications Spotlight

Ceponis P, Keilman C, Guerry C, Freiberger JJ. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Osteonecrosis. Oral Dis. 2016 Apr 7. [Epub ahead...

Sol Aronson, MD, Co-Authors Monitor Article

Featured in the newsletter of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, “The Future of Perioperative Medicine” article shines a spotlight on the vital collaboration between anesthesiologists, surgeons and the nursing service to provide optimal perioperative care.

DIG Recipient Published in JHEOR

A 2013 Dream Innovation Grant winner, Dr. Karthik Raghunathan, is featured as a co-author in the Journal of Health Economics and Outcomes Research of an article comparing cost-effectiveness of chloride-liberal vs. chloride-restrictive intravenous fluids.

Research Publications Spotlight

Møllerløkken A, Blogg SL, Doolette DJ, Nishi RY, Pollock NW. Consensus Guidelines for the Use of Ultrasound for Diving Research....

Twitter Journal Club Featured in ASA’s Newsletter

The article published in the latest edition of the Monitor highlights the next journal club discussion that will be notably co-hosted by Duke Anesthesiology and the official journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists!

Faculty Featured in Anesthesia & Analgesia

Read Drs. Kamrouz Ghadimi, Jerrold Levy and Ian Welsby’s article titled, “Prothrombin Complex Concentrates for Bleeding in the Perioperative Setting,” featured in the official journal of the International Anesthesia Research Society.

Miles Berger, MD, Receives Supplemental Award

Congratulations to Dr. Berger for receiving a new Supplemental Award for his one-year project, "Role of Anti-inflammatory Lipids in Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction and Delirium," on behalf of the Duke Translational Research Institute.

Ankeet Udani, MD, Wins New Scientist Award

Congratulations to Dr. Udani for winning the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation's (APSF) Safety Scientist Career Development Award! He will use the two-year training grant for his research project comparing two learning theories.

Research Publications Spotlight

Perrault L, Makhija D, Beer I, Laplante S, Iannazzo S, Raghunathan K. Cost-effectiveness of Chloride-liberal versus Chloride-restrictive Intravenous Fluids among...

Duke Professor Emeritus Lectures in St. Lucia

Dr. Winston Parris, a former chief of Duke’s Pain Program, heads to his hometown to present, “Pain Medicine: yesterday, today and tomorrow.” Learn more about the anesthetic protocol he developed that is saving lives.

Duke’s POET Featured in TRANSFUSION

Congrats to Duke's Perioperative Enhancement Team for co-authoring an article published in the February 2016 edition of TRANSFUSION Journal titled, “How do we develop and implement a preoperative anemia clinic designed to improve perioperative outcomes and reduce cost?"

Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Division Shines at SCA 2016

A team known for having “heavy hitters” in their specialty is showcasing their innovations to colleagues across the country at their most paramount meeting of the year. Learn how this division continues to inspire greatness and transform patient care.

Ian Welsby, MBBS, Presents at TRANSFUSE

Dr. Welsby was an expert faculty presenter at this year’s TransFuse: Interdisciplinary Fusion of Expertise for Patient Blood Management conference in New Orleans. His presentations included "Factor-Based Transfusion Algorithms" and "Blood Products of the Future: Pathogen Reduction (Plasma)."

Duke/UNC Rivalry Benched for Scientific Collaboration

Four teams of Duke/UNC scientists, including our own Dr. Ian Welsby, are putting their on-the-court rivalry aside for a grants collaboration in effort to advance patient care.

Research Publications Spotlight

Levy JH, Ageno W, Chan NC, Crowther M, Verhamme P, Weitz JI; Subcommittee on Control of Anticoagulation. When and How...

Regional Anesthesia Division Takes ASRA 2016 by Storm

Duke’s “Regional Division” is heading to New Orleans for its most prominent medicine meeting of the year! In an article featuring Drs. Jeff Gadsden and Alicia Warlick, learn about the numerous presentations that are sure to leave a lasting impression on their colleagues across the country.

Research Publications Spotlight

Oladosu FA, Ciszek BP, O’Buckley SC, Nackley AG. Novel Intrathecal and Subcutaneous Catheter Delivery Systems in the Mouse. J Neurosci...

DIG Winner Published in Anesthesiology

Congratulations to one of our Dream Innovation Grant winners, Dr. Niccolo Terrando, for his abstract, “Neural Control of Inflammation: Implications for Perioperative and Critical Care” being published in the journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.!

Jerold Levy, MD, Presents at International Symposium

Dr. Levy was invited to speak about the "4T score" in his presentation, titled "Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia" at the 36th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine in Belgium, one of the largest forums in its field.

Duke Medical School Ranked Among the Nation’s Top 10

The Duke University School of Medicine has once again made U.S. News & World Report’s top ten list of “Best Medical Schools,” ranking eighth in the nation for both research and primary care!

Research Publications Spotlight

Udani AD, Harrison TK, Mariano ER, Derby R, Kan J, Ganaway T, Shum C, Gaba DM, Tanaka P, Kou A,...

Researchers Discover New Target to Treat Short-Term Itch

Dr. Wolfgang Liedtke and his investigators reveal what they found in the top layer of skin that can serve as a promising, new drug target to help pain patients resist the urge to scratch an itch!

SICU QI Wins Rebecca Kirkland Award

Congratulations to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit’s Quality Improvement Committee (including our faculty, Drs. Nancy Knudsen and Shelly Wang) for winning “best overall project” and “best poster” at the 11th Annual Duke Patient Safety and Quality Conference!

Duke’s PARTNER Chronic Pain Program Celebrates Milestone

Six months in the making, we take a look back at the creation of this first-of-its-kind initiative, dedicated to providing a new avenue of treatment for patients continually visiting the ER with chronic pain.

Research Publications Spotlight

Zhang J, Rudemiller NP, Patel MB, Wei Q, Karlovich NS, Jeffs AD, Wu M, Sparks MA, Privratsky JR, Herrera M,...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Bierens JJ, Lunetta P, Tipton M, Warner DS. Physiology Of Drowning: A Review. Physiology (Bethesda). 2016 Mar;31(2):147-66.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Moon RE, Martina SD, Peacher DF, Potter JF, Wester TE, Cherry AD, Natoli MJ, Otteni CE, Kernagis DN, White WD,...

Study Suggests Sildenafil May Relieve Severe Form of Edema in Swimmers

Swimmers and divers who are prone to a sudden and potentially life-threatening form of pulmonary edema in cold water could benefit from a simple and readily available dose of sildenafil, according to findings from a small study by Duke Health researchers.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Olateju SO, Adenekan AT, Olufolabi AJ, Owojuyigbe AM, Adetoye AO, Ajenifuja KO, Olowookere SA, Faponle AF. Pentazocine Versus Pentazocine With...

Vice President Joe Biden Brings Cancer Moonshot to Duke

Vice President Joe Biden visited Duke Health this past Wednesday, February 10th as part of the national “Moonshot” initiative he is leading to advance cancer research. He urged groups to work together to find a cure for cancer.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Jain A, Swaminathan M. Physics of Ultrasound. Anaesth Pain & Intensive Care 2015;19(4):533-539.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Lance RM, Moon RE, Crisafulli M, Bass CR. Did the Crew of the Submarine H.L. Hunley Suffocate? Forensic Sci Int....

Dr. Richard Moon Featured in the Pensacola News Journal

Dr. Richard Moon, Medical Director of the Center for the Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology Laboratory, was recently featured in the Pensacola News Journal.

Duke’s PARTNER Program Adds Chronic Headache Collaboration

Duke’s PARTNER Program kicked-off a new initiative focused on adult patients who frequently visit the emergency department (ED) with a chief complaint of chronic headache or migraine.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Colin B, Thompson A. Anesthesia: A Comprehensive Review, Fifth Edition. Anesthesiology. 2016 Feb;124(2):516.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Jiang BC, Cao DL, Zhang X, Zhang ZJ, He LN, Li CH, Zhang WW, Wu XB, Berta T, Ji RR,...

Dr. Jeff Taekman’s Blog Featured on Online Duke

Dr. Jeff Taekman’s personal blog post about MOOCs was recently featured on Online Duke, a university-wide initiative to advance educational excellence through online teaching and learning.

Dr. Jerrold Levy Featured in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Dr. Jerrold Levy was recently published in JTH, the official journal of the the major coagulation society of the world: International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH).

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Liu T, Han Q, Chen G, Huang Y, Zhao LX, Berta T, Gao YJ, Ji RR. Toll-Like Receptor 4 Contributes...

World-Renowned Pain Researcher Joins Duke Anesthesiology

Duke welcomes William Maixner, DDS, PhD, and his team, who will lead the Center for Translational Pain Medicine with the goal of transforming the way Duke diagnoses and treats pain patients.

Dr. Jerrold Levy Comments on a Proposed Blood Thinner Antidote

Dr. Jerrold Levy, Professor of Anesthesiology and Co-Director of the Cardiothoracic ICU, was recently quoted in a Reuters article about an antidote that can reverse the effects of blood thinners in an emergency.

POET Member Featured in Transfusion News Video

Dr. Nicole Guinn, a member of our Perioperative Enhancement Team (POET), was recently featured in a video on the Transfusion News website, titled “Cardiac Surgery in Patients who Refuse Transfusion is Not More Costly.”

Duke Doctors Emphasize Simulation in Neurosurgery

Dr. Jeff Taekman was featured in the December 2015 issue of World Neurosurgery - the Official Journal of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, about his manuscript "Simulation in Neurosurgery – a brief review and commentary.”

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Gadsden J, Ayad S, Gonzales JJ, Mehta J, Boublik J, Hutchins J. Evolution of Transversus Abdominis Plane Infiltration Techniques for...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Nicoara A, Jones-Haywood M. Diastolic Heart Failure: Diagnosis and Therapy. Curr Opin Anaesthesiol. 2015 Dec 9. [Epub ahead of print]

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Udani AD, Moyse D, Peery CA, Taekman JM. Twitter-Augmented Journal Club: Educational Engagement and Experience So Far. A A Case...

Dr. Jordt’s Research Featured at NIEHS Science Days

Congratulations to Sven-Eric Jordt, PhD, for being an invited presenter at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences’ annual event to showcase his research about peripheral nerves in environmental sensing!

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Mauritz AA, Dominguez JE, Guinn NR, Gilner J, Habib AS. Blood-Conservation Strategies in a Blood-Refusal Parturient with Placenta Previa and...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Guinn NR, Guercio JR, Hopkins TJ, Grimsley A, Kurian DJ, Jimenez MI, Bolognesi MP, Schroeder R, Aronson S; Duke Perioperative...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Suliman HB, Piantadosi CA. Mitochondrial Quality Control as a Therapeutic Target. Pharmacol Rev. 2016 Jan;68(1):20-48.

Miles Berger, MD, Receives Career Development Award

Congratulations to Dr. Miles Berger for receiving the Dennis W. Jahnigen Career Development award from the American Geriatrics Society and the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research!

Duke Doctors Awarded Geriatrics Grant

Congratulations to Drs. Miles Berger, Ankeet Udani and Sarah Wingfield for winning a Geriatrics-for-Specialists Initiative grant for their project, “Educating Anesthesia Residents to Improve Perioperative Care for the Elderly.”

3rd Annual Singapore-Duke Conference

It’s another step toward global health as Duke Anesthesiology helped kick off this year’s conference in Singapore, “Value Creation in Anesthesia: Staying Ahead of the Curve.”

That’s a Wrap! Highlights from ASA 2015

From winning awards, running to raise money for America’s heroes, to revealing this year’s DREAM Innovation Grant recipients aboard a yacht at the annual Duke Anesthesiology alumni reception, it was another fun and successful year at the ASA Conference!

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Ramaswamy R, Iracane S, Srofenyoh E, Bryce F, Floyd L, Kallam B, Olufolabi A, Van Zeyl R, Owen, M. Transforming...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Welsby IJ, Poisson JL. Perioperative Removal of Autologous Platelets. Ann Thorac Surg. 2015 Nov;100(5):1970.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Feldheiser A, Aziz O, Baldini G, Cox BP, Fearon KC5, Feldman LS, Gan TJ, Kennedy RH, Ljungqvist O, Lobo DN,...

Jeff Browndyke, PhD, Wins Best Abstract

Congratulations to Dr. Browndyke, a clinical and research neuropsychologist in the Division of Geriatric Behavioral Health, for winning “Best of Abstracts: Clinical Science” at the 2015 ASA Conference!

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Xu ZZ, Kim YH, Bang S, Zhang Y, Berta T, Wang F, Oh SB, Ji RR. Inhibition of Mechanical Allodynia...

Dr. Gadsden’s Op Ed Featured in The Herald-Sun

Learn what Jeffrey Gadsden, MD, says is missing from public discourse in fighting America’s prescription drug epidemic and why he feels the “opioid first” approach is no longer safe.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Raghunathan K, Bonavia A, Nathanson BH, Beadles CA, Shaw AD, Brookhart MA, Miller TE, Lindenauer PK. Association Between Initial Fluid...

Duke Anesthesiology’s Pain Program Addresses a “Silent Epidemic”

In honor of Pain Awareness Month, we sit down for a Q and A about chronic pain with Duke’s Chief of the Division of Pain Medicine, Thomas E. Buchheit, MD.

Anesthesiology Takes Center Stage at Health Innovation Jam!

Duke Anesthesiology’s Drs. Ru-Rong Ji and Jeffrey Gadsden went into the “shark tank” to pitch their innovative ideas to transform health care. See if they walked away with actual investment dollars!...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Mariano ER, Harrison TK, Kim TE, Kan J, Shum C, Gaba DM, Ganaway T, Kou A, Udani AD, Howard SK;...

Dr. Jeffrey Taekman’s Blog Featured in The Huffington Post

As the medical world remembers this week’s anniversary of Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, Dr. Taekman shares his insight about what he calls a “two-pronged approach” regarding the use of antibiotics and obesity in America.

Jamie Privratsky, MD, Nominated to the Robert J. Lefkowitz Society

Congratulations to Dr. Privratsky for being nominated to the society which helps members develop their academic career by finding appropriate research mentors and developing successful research projects.

Joern Karhausen, MD, Awarded NIH Grant

The one-year National Institutes of Health grant will provide Dr. Karhausen with resources to research causal effects between mast cell activation and platelet aggregation during deep hypothermic circulatory arrest (DHCA) and related injuries.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

McGee WT, Raghunathan K, Adler AC. Utility of Functional Hemodynamics and Echocardiography to Aid Diagnosis and Management of Shock. Shock....

Jerrold Levy, MD, Invited to ESC Congress 2016 in Rome

Congratulations to Dr. Levy for his moderated poster being selected as the winner of this year’s European Society of Cardiology presentation!

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Conlin F, Roy Connelly N, Raghunathan K, Friderici J, Schwabauer A. Focused Transthoracic Cardiac Ultrasound: A Survey of Training Practices....

Meet Our Grants and Contracts Manager

Meet our new Senior Grants and Contracts Manager for Duke Anesthesiology, Sandra C. Yee-Benedetto.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Pecorella SR, Potter JV, Cherry AD, Peacher DF, Welty-Wolf KE, Moon RE, Piantadosi CA, Suliman HB. HO-1/CO regulation of mitochondrial-capillary...

Chief Appointed to Newly Created Division

We are pleased to announce Dr. Raquel R. Bartz as Chief of the Division of Critical Care Medicine. Her efforts will help this new division become a leader in the discovery of knowledge in perioperative critical illness to improve patient outcomes.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Konoske R, Whitener G, Nicoara A. Intraoperative Evaluation of Paravalvular Regurgitation by Transesophageal Echocardiography. Anesth Analg. 2015 Aug;121(2):329-36.

Twitter Journal Club Reaches New Milestone

The TJC surpasses the one million mark after a successful turnout for its latest discussion, at DUMC and live via Twitter, about injection pressure in regional anesthesia.

Miles Berger, MD, PhD, Awarded NIH Grant

The two-year National Institutes of Health grant will provide Dr. Berger with resources to research markers of Alzheimer's Disease after perioperative care.

Anesthesiologist Featured in International INNOVATION Magazine

Dr. Michael L. James is featured in the leading global dissemination resource for his groundbreaking research on two specific factors that impact recovery after patients suffer an intracerebral hemorrhage.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Potter JV, Moon RE. Last Word on Viewpoint: Why do Some Patients Stop Breathing After Taking Narcotics? Ventilatory Chemosensitivity as...

Doctors’ Cardiothoracic Abstract Wins Research Award

A Duke anesthesiologist and surgeon partner together to create a winning abstract which they will present at the 12th Annual Cardiovascular-Thoracic Critical Care Conference.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Cherry AD, Nicoara A, McQuilkin SH, Gaca JG, Del Rio JM. Multimodal Evaluation of Aortic Regurgitation After Mitral and Tricuspid...

Thomas Van de Ven, MD, PhD Receives 2015 Spring Core Facility Voucher Award

Dr. Van de Ven is awarded a one year voucher to study injured human nerves, aiming to provide more treatment options for limb amputees.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Buchheit T, Van de Ven T, John Hsia HL, McDuffie M, MacLeod DB, White W, Chamessian A, Keefe FJ, Buckenmaier...

The First Ever ‘Duke Health Innovation Jam’

A “Shark Tank” type of event to pitch clinical products and business ideas to Duke leaders and investors!

Can a Lung Cancer Drug Fight Brain Tumors?

An associate professor of Duke's Anesthesiology Department believes it's possible! Learn more about Professor Madan Kwatra's mission - a feat he says would be similar to landing on the moon.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Konoske R, Whitener G, Nicoara A. Intraoperative Evaluation of Paravalvular Regurgitation by Transesophageal Echocardiography. Anesth Analg. 2015 Aug;121(2):329-36.

Boyi Liu, PhD Receives 2015 Spring Core Facility Voucher Award

Boyi Liu, PhD, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, has recently been awarded a one-year, $9,200 voucher for his proposal entitled, “Transcriptome...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Polin CM, Hale B, Mauritz AA, Habib AS, Jones CA, Strouch ZY, Dominguez JE. Anesthetic management of super-morbidly obese parturients...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Pollack CV Jr, Reilly PA, Eikelboom J, Glund S, Verhamme P, Bernstein RA, Dubiel R, Huisman MV, Hylek EM, Kamphuisen...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Raghunathan K, Nailer P, Konoske R. What is the ideal crystalloid? Curr Opin Crit Care. 2015 Aug;21(4):309-14.

Enhanced Recovery Beneficial After Colorectal Surgery

A hospital practice called enhanced recovery cuts hospital stays and readmission rates following colorectal surgery, according to Duke research. Enhanced...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Raghunathan K, Nailer P, Konoske R. What is the ideal crystalloid? Curr Opin Crit Care. 2015 Jun 22. [Epub ahead...

Dr. Quinones Receives SCA/IARS Starter Grant

Quintin Quiñones, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Division of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology, has been awarded a two year $50,000 Society of...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Raghunathan K, Miller TE, Rashid AM. Confounders versus Mediators: An Important Distinction. Anesthesiology. 2015;123(1):234.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Sniecinski RM, Levy JH. Anticoagulation management associated with extracorporeal circulation. Best Pract Res Clin Anaesthesiol. 2015 Jun;29(2):189-202. Epub 2015 Mar...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Sarich TC, Seltzer JH, Berkowitz SD, Costin’ J, Curnutte JT, Gibson CM, Hoffman M, Kaminskas E, Krucoff MW, Levy JH,...

Dr. Manning Receives 2015 IARS Award

Michael Manning, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Division of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology, has been awarded a two-year, $150,000 International Anesthesia...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Theusinger OM, Stein P, Levy JH. Point of care and factor concentrate-based coagulation algorithms. Transfus Med Hemother. 2015 Mar;42(2):115-21. Epub...

Dr. Warner Receives FAER Mentoring Research Award

Congratulations to Dr. David Warner, who has been named the 2015 recipient of the FAER Mentoring Excellence in Research Award.

Dr. Waldron Receives FAER Research Grant

Congratulations to Nathan Waldron, MD, CA-2 Resident, along with his mentor Joseph Mathew, MD, MBA, MHSc, Jerry Reves, MD, Professor...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Gerlach RM, Barrus AB, Ramzy D, Hernandez Conte A, Khoche S, McCartney SL, Swaminathan M. CASE X —2015: Perioperative Considerations...

Dr. Karhausen Receives 2015 Scientist Development Grant

Congratulations to Joern Karhausen, MD, Assistant Professor in the Cardiac Division of Anesthesiology who has been awarded a three-year, $231,000...

Dr. McCartney Receives ASE Travel Grant

The American Society of Echocardiography’s Education and Research Foundation and Council on Perioperative Echocardiography has selected Sharon McCartney, MD, to...

23rd Annual Academic Evening Wrap-Up

The 23rd Annual Academic Evening, held on Tuesday May 12th, 2015, was a wonderful success!

May Twitter Journal Club Series

Duke Anesthesia will be hosting its second Twitter Journal Club Series this week and all are invited to participate.

Duke Anesthesiology at the 62nd annual meeting of the AUA

Congratulations to Dr. Nazish Hashmi, a Cardiothoracic Anesthesia fellow, for receiving the Resident Travel Award from the Association of University...

Dr. David Warner Receives 2015 Research Mentoring Award

Congratulations to David S. Warner, MD, who last week won the 2015 Research Mentoring Award for Translational Research.

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Kertai MD, Li YJ, Li YW, Ji Y, Alexander J, Newman MF, Smith PK, Joseph D, Mathew JP, Podgoreanu MV;...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Barbeito A, Bonifacio A, Holtschneider M, Segall N, Schroeder R, Mark J; Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center Patient Safety Center...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Stafford-Smith M. Acute kidney injury after cardiac and non-cardiac surgery: are there more similarities than differences? Can J Anaesth. 2015...

David Warner, MD, Receives 2-Year Reserach Grant

David S. Warner, MD, Director of the Multidisciplinary Neuroprotection Laboratories received a 2-year $793,750 NIH Exploratory/Development Research Grant (R21) from...

Duke Cardiothoracic Anesthesia and Critical Care at the 37th SCA

The Duke Cardiothoracic Anesthesia and Critical Care Division had another strong showing at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Society...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Raghunathan K, Konoske R. The authors reply. Crit Care Med. 2015 May;43(5):e156. Heath M, Barbeito A, Welsby I, Maxwell C,...

Dr. Jordt Interviewed by Wired Magazine

Our very own Dr. Sven-Eric Jordt, PhD was interviewed by Wired Magazine on structural breakthrough for pain medicine.

Society for Pediatric Anesthesia Young Investigator Award Announced

On March 14, 2015, Dr. Brad Taicher was presented with the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia’s 2015 Young Investigator Award for...

Noa Segall, PhD, Awarded 5-Year Research Grant

Noa Segall, PhD, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Human Factors Engineer in the Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center, received...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Steiner ME, Ness PM, Assmann SF, Triulzi DJ, Sloan SR, Delaney M, Granger S, Bennett-Guerrero E, Blajchman MA, Scavo V,...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Anabah T, Olufolabi A, Boyd JC, George RB. Low-dose spinal anaesthesia provides effective labour analgesia and does not limit ambulation....

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Allen TK, Feng L, Nazzal M, Grotegut CA, Buhimschi IA, Murtha AP. The Effect of Progestins on Tumor Necrosis Factor...

Duke University School of Medicine Announces Anesthesiology Leadership

I am pleased to announce that Joseph P. Mathew, MD, MHSc, MBA, the Jerry Reves, MD, Professor...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Castleberry AW, Williams JB, Daneshmand MA, Honeycutt E, Shaw LK, Samad Z, Lopes RD, Alexander JH, Mathew JP, Velazquez EJ,...

SICU QI Poster Wins!

Congratulations to the SICU QI Team project champions Amber Dodson (Clinical Nurse II) and Dr. Xueyuan Shelly Wang (CCM Fellow)...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Segall N, Hobbs G, Granger CB, Anderson AE, Bonifacio AS, Taekman JM, Wright MC. Patient Load Effects on Response Time...

Dr. Podgoreanu Interviewed for Open Anesthesia

Dr. Mihai Podgoreanu was interviewed for the OpenAnesthesia™, Ask the Expert for their March 15, 2015 podcast. Topics included antifibrinolytics,...

Junior Faculty Receive Time, Training, and Mentorship through KL2 Awards

He has spent more than a decade honing clinical skills during...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Raghunathan K, Singh M, Lobo DN. Fluid Management in Abdominal Surgery: What, When, and When Not to Administer. Anesthesiol Clin....

Dr. David Warner Receives 2015 Research Mentoring Award

We are excited to announce that Dr. David S. Warner has been selected by a distinguished faculty committee as the...

Dr. Timothy Miller Edits Anesthesiology Clinics

Dr. Timothy Miller was one guest editor for the March issue of Anesthesiology Clinics entitled, “Anesthetic Care for Abdominal Surgery”. In addition,...

Dr. Allison Ross Comments on NEJM Pediatric Article

Our very own Dr. Allison Ross comments on a New England Journal of Medicine Pediatric Anesthetic Neurotoxicity article.

Dr. Bennett-Guerrero Elected to The American Society for Clinical Investigation

We are excited to announce that Elliott Bennett-Guerrero, MD, was elected into the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) in...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Berger M, Scheel DW, Macias H, Miyatsuka T, Kim H, Hoang P, Ku GM, Honig G, Liou A, Tang Y,...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Willie CK, MacLeod DB, Smith KJ, Lewis NC, Foster GE, Ikeda K, Hoiland RL, Ainslie PN. The contribution of arterial...

VA Patient-Centered Specialty Care Education Centers of Excellence Award Announced

The VA division would like to congratulate Dr. Sandhya Lagoo-Deenadayalan of the Department of Surgery for the recent receipt of...

Recent Research Publications Spotlight

Raghunathan K, Beadles C, Nathanson BH, Lindenauer PK. The authors reply. Crit Care Med. 2015 Jan;43(1):e27-8.

Dr. Raghunathan Receives PSCI Grant

We would like to congratulate Karthik Raghunathan, MD, MPH, who was recently awarded a 3-year, $779,000 Patient Safety Center of...

New Research Publications Spotlight

McKelvey R, Berta T, Old E, Ji RR, Fitzgerald M. Neuropathic pain is constitutively suppressed in early life by anti-inflammatory...

New Research Grant Award

Zhen-Zhong Xu, PhD, of the Sensory Plasticity and Pain Research Group in Division of Basic Sciences, received a new 2-year...

Successful Start to the Twitter Journal Club

Duke Anesthesiology completed its first successful Twitter Journal Club on January 25th.

New Research Publications Spotlight

Miller TE, Thacker JK, Gan TJ. In response. Anesth Analg. 2015 Jan;120(1):256-7.

Announcing the Pain Management for the Practicing Physician and HCP Conference

Pain Management For The Practicing Physician And HCP

New Research Publications Spotlight

Brown KE, Chagoya G, Kwatra SG, Yen T, Keir ST, Cooter M, Hoadley KA, Rasheed A, Lipp ES, Mclendon R,...

Health Advice from a Grizzly

The Department of Anesthesiology would like to congratulate Mihai Podgoreanu, MD, and Quintin Quinones, MD, PhD, whose ongoing collaboration with...

New Research Grant Award

Ian J. Welsby, MB BS, Associate Professor in the Cardiac Division, received a new 5-year $1,227,568 NIH Research Grant as...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Faraoni D, Fenger-Eriksen C, Gillard S, Willems A, Levy JH, Van der Linden P. Evaluation of dynamic parameters of thrombus...

Madhav Swaminathan, MD, MBBS, named the 2015 Feigenbaum Lecturer

We are excited to announce that Madhav Swaminathan, MD, MBBS, has been selected as the Feigenbaum Lecturer for the 2015...

Success of Spinal Anesthesia Lower for Preterm Parturients

Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Einhorn and a team of Duke researchers whose study was published in Anesthesiology News! Their study...

25th Annual Merel H. Harmel Lecture

On January 7, 2015, we had the honor of having Mervyn Maze, MB, ChB, give the 25th Annual Merel H....

New Research Publications Spotlight

Gutsche JT, Patel PA, Cobey FC, Ramakrishna H, Gordon EK, Riha H, Sophocles A, Ghadimi K, Fabbro M, Al-Ghofaily L,...

Twitter Journal Club Series

Duke Anesthesia will be hosting its inaugural Twitter Journal Club Series and all are invited to participate. We will be...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Guercio JR, Nimjee SM, James ML, McDonagh DL. Anesthesia for interventional neuroradiology. Int Anesthesiol Clin. 2015 Winter;53(1):87-106. Greilich PE, Edson E,...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Udani A, Wang T, Hilton G, Harrison K. Physiology of Pregnancy and Post-Partum Hemorrhage: An Innovative, Interactive Teaching Approach. MedEdPORTAL...

Dr. Moon Awarded Two-Year Research Grant

Dr. Richard Moon, Medical Director of the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology, received a two-year $199,949 Subaward from...

New CARE Director Announced

I am pleased to announce Dr. Eddie Jooste as our new Director of CARE (Anesthesiology Clinical Research Unit).

New Research Publications Spotlight

Nicoara A, Swaminathan M. Diastolic dysfunction, diagnostic and perioperative management in cardiac surgery. Curr Opin Anaesthesiol. 2014 Dec 4. [Epub...

New Research Publications Spotlight

McCartney SL, Colin BJ, Duane Davis R, Mauricio Del Rio J, Swaminathan M. Pulmonary dysfunction after lung transplantation: the dilemma...

Thomas Van de Ven, MD, PhD, Receives Department of Defense Award

The VA division would like to congratulate DIG recipient Thomas Van de Ven, MD, PhD, who has received a 3-year,...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Beadles C, Raghunathan K, Nathanson BH, Lindenauer PK. The authors reply. Crit Care Med. 2014 Dec;42(12):e796-7.

New Research Publications Spotlight

Krajewski ML, Raghunathan K, Paluszkiewicz SM, Schermer CR, Shaw AD. Meta-analysis of high- versus low-chloride content in perioperative and critical...

2014 Vivien Thomas Young Investigator Award Recipient

On November 18th, 2014, Quintin Quinones, MD, PhD, received the 2014 Vivien Thomas Young Investigator Award from the American Heart...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Miller TE, Roche AM, Mythen M. Fluid management and goal-directed therapy as an adjunct to Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)....

Simulation-Based Education for Anesthesiologists on the Rise

Dr. Ankeet Udani led a two-day simulation instructor workshop at the 61st Congresso Brasileiro de Anestesiologia (CBA) in Recife, Brazil.

New Study: Elite Breath-hold Divers Maintain Brain O2 Levels by Higher Blood Pressure and Flow

A team of investigators from the University of British Columbia, University of Zagreb School of Kinesiology, Department of Integrative Physiology,...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Peacher DF, Martina SD, Otteni CE, Wester TE, Potter JF, Moon RE. Immersion Pulmonary Edema and Comorbidities: Case Series and...

New Duke Publication on Immersion Pulmonary Edema

Dionne Peacher, MD with Duke colleague Richard Moon, MD and former Duke colleagues Stefanie Martina, Claire Otteni, Tracy Wester,  MD...

Faculty News: Nancy Knudsen, MD

Congratulations to Dr. Nancy Knudsen. She was nominated by Dr. Joseph Mathew to serve on the Duke School of Medicine...

Release of our 2014 BluePrint Publication

Dear Duke Anesthesiology Alumni and Friends, I am pleased to announce the release of our 2014 issue of BluePrint. Like...

New Research Publication Spotlight

Krajewski ML, Raghunathan K, Paluszkiewicz SM, Schermer CR, Shaw AD. Meta-analysis of high- versus low-chloride content in perioperative and critical...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Smith PJ, Rivelli SK, Waters AM, Hoyle A, Durheim MT, Reynolds JM, Flowers M, Davis RD, Palmer SM, Mathew JP,...

Announcing The Pain Society of the Carolinas Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions

Annual Meeting And Scientific Sessions | Register Now  

2014 ASA Thank You and Highlights

Dear Duke Anesthesiology friends and family, We would like to thank all of our alumni, faculty, staff and friends who...

Congratulations to our four, 2015 DIG winners!

We would like to recognize and congratulate the following 2015 DIG recipients...

Dr. Bennett-Guerrero Appointed Associate Editor

Effective October 1, 2014, Dr. Elliott Bennett-Guerrero was appointed Associate Editor of Critical Care Medicine (CCM), which is the official...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Shaw AD, Raghunathan K, Peyerl FW, Munson SH, Paluszkiewicz SM, Schermer CR. Association between intravenous chloride load during resuscitation and...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Lu Y, Jiang BC, Cao DL, Zhang ZJ, Zhang X, Ji RR, Gao YJ. TRAF6 upregulation in spinal astrocytes maintains...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Goodnough LT, Levy JH. Off-label use of recombinant human factor VIIa. Ann Thorac Surg. 2014 Aug;98(2):393-5.

New Research Publications Spotlight

Levi M, Moore KT, Castillejos CF, Kubitza D, Berkowitz SD, Goldhaber SZ, Raghoebar M, Patel MR, Weitz JI, Levy JH....

New Research Grant Award

Ru-Rong Ji, PhD, of the Sensory Plasticity and Pain Research Group in the Division of Basic Sciences, received a new...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Gill M, Natoli MJ, Vacchiano C, MacLeod DB, Ikeda K, Qin M, Pollock NW, Moon RE, Pieper C, Vann RD....

New Research Publications Spotlight

Rosner MH, Ostermann M, Murugan R, Prowle JR, Ronco C, Kellum JA, Mythen MG, Shaw AD; for the ADQI XII...

Informatics Shows Pain Leads to Repeated Emergency Department Visits

Congratulations to Dinesh J. Kurian, MD, Thomas J. Hopkins, MD, MBA, and Jason Guercio, MD, MBA, who were featured in...

Recent Research Grant

An inter-professional team in the Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center (HSPSC) received a 1-year, $25,000 research award from the...

New Research Publications Spotlight

Swaminathan M, Mahmood F. When I Do a TEE, Am I Ready for What Comes Next? J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth....

Quinones Named Finalist for AHA Award

Congratulations to Dr. Quintin Quinones, who was recently named as one of five finalists for the Vivien Thomas Award from...

New Research Publications

Swaminathan M, Nicoara A. Quality in perioperative echocardiography: it’s about time. J Am Soc Echocardiogr. 2014 Jul;27(7):A20.

New Research Publications

Subramonian D, Raghunayakula S, Olsen JV, Beningo KA, Paschen W, Zhang XD. Analysis of changes in SUMO-2/3 modification during breast...

New Research Grant Award

Wei Yang, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Division of Basic Sciences, was awarded $7,000 from the Duke University School of...

New Research Publications

Ji RR, Xu ZZ, Gao YJ. Emerging targets in neuroinflammation-driven chronic pain. Nat Rev Drug Discov. 2014 Jul;13(7):533-48. Epub 2014 Jun...

New Research Publications

Ji RR, Xu ZZ, Gao YJ. Emerging targets in neuroinflammation-driven chronic pain. Nat Rev Drug Discov. 2014 Jun 20. [Epub ahead...

Dr. Annemarie Thompson appointed as Residency Program Director

We would like to congratulate and welcome Annemarie Thompson, MD, who has joined the Department of Anesthesiology as our Residency...

Recent Research Publications

Quinones QJ, Ma Q, Zhang Z, Barnes BM, Podgoreanu MV. Organ Protective Mechanisms Common to Extremes of Physiology: A Window...

New Research Publications

Bartels K, Ma Q, N Venkatraman T, R Campos C, Smith L, E Cannon R, V Podgoreanu M, D Lascola...

New Research Publications

Colin B, Gan TJ. Cancer recurrence and hyperglycemia with dexamethasone for postoperative nausea and vomiting prophylaxis: more moot points? Anesth Analg....

Musella Scholars of Glioblastoma Research

In the Kwatra Lab, two student researchers, Callie Roberts and Rebecca Vernon, have been awarded summer fellowships, entitled, “Musella Scholars of Glioblastoma Research,” from the Musella...

New Research Publications

Cao DL, Zhang ZJ, Xie RG, Jiang BC, Ji RR, Gao YJ. Chemokine CXCL1 enhances inflammatory pain and increases NMDA...

Miles Berger Receives IARS Mentored Research Award

Miles Berger, MD, PhD, Medical Instructor in the Otolaryngology, Head, Neck, and Neuroanesthesiology Division was awarded a two-year $150,000 International...

Andrea Fiumefreddo Appointed as the New Director of Operations for our Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center

We would like to welcome Andrea Fiumefreddo, M.S., who has been appointed as the new Director of Operations for our...

New Research Publications

Bennett-Guerrero E. Hemodynamic Goal-Directed Therapy in High-Risk Surgical Patients. JAMA. 2014 May 19 [Epub ahead of print]

New Research Publications

McCullough PA, Beaver TM, Bennett-Guerrero E, Emmett M, Fonarow GC, Goyal A, Herzog CA, Kosiborod M, Palmer BF.  Acute and chronic cardiovascular...

2014 Academic Evening Wrap-Up

The 22nd Annual Academic Evening, held on Tuesday May 13th, was a wonderful success!

New Research Publications

Miller TE, Thacker JK, White WD, Mantyh C, Migaly J, Jin J, Roche AM, Eisenstein EL, Edwards R, Anstrom KJ,...

New Research Publications

Bennett-Guerrero E, Kirby BS, Zhu H, Herman AE, Bandarenko N, McMahon TJ. Randomized study of washing 40- to 42-day-stored red...

Sven-Eric Jordt, PhD, Joins Anesthesiology Research Faculty

We are excited to announce that Sven-Eric Jordt, PhD has joined the Department of Anesthesiology on April 1. Dr. Jordt...

MicroRNA May Play Active Role in Sensing of Pain

In their pursuit of understanding how pain works at the molecular level, a research team lead by Ru-Rong Ji, PhD of...

New Research Publications

Ferreira RG, Nicoara A, Phillips-Bute BG, Daneshmand M, Muehlschlegel JD, Swaminathan M. Diastolic Dysfunction in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery: The ...

New Research Publications

Faraoni D, Cacheux C, Van Aelbrouck C, Ickx BE, Barvais L, Levy JH. Effect of two doses of tranexamic acid...

New Research Publications

Berger M, Nadler J, Mathew JP. Preventing delirium after cardiothoracic surgery: provocative but preliminary evidence for bispectral index monitoring. Anesth...

New Research Publications

Chi-Fei Wang J, Hung CH, Gerner P, Ji RR, Strichartz GR. The Qualitative Hyperalgesia Profile: A New Metric to Assess Chronic Post-Thoracotomy...

Duke Anesthesiology Launches New SimCenter Website

The Duke, Department of Anesthesiology is pleased to announce the launch of the all new Duke Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center website.

Science Under Pressure

Originally appeared on the Duke Research Blog | Guest post by Lauren Burianek, doctoral candidate in cell biology. Reposted with permission. The...

New Research Publications

Thiele RH, Bartels K, Esper S, Ikeda K, Gan TJ. Real-time Doppler-based arterial vascular impedance and peripheral pressure-flow loops: a pilot study. J...

Jon Andrews, MSIII Receives WMS Hackett-Auerbach Award

Congratulations to Jon Andrews, Medical Student, on his receipt of the WMS Hackett-Auerbach Award from the Wilderness Medical Society.

New Research Publications

Joseph DO, Myers JL, Moretti EW. Phlebology, Vein Surgery and Ultrasonography: Diagnosis and Management of Venous Disease.  Mowatt-Larssen E; Desai...

New Research Publications

Bartels K, Karhausen J, Sullivan BL, Mackensen GB. Update on Perioperative Right Heart Assessment Using Transesophageal Echocardiography. Semin Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth. 2014...

Appointment of New President of Private Diagnostic Clinic

Newman Named President of Duke Faculty Practice Duke Medicine News & Communications | (919) 684-4148 | Contact: Sarah Avery...

Department of Anesthesiology Leadership Change

February 12, 2014 | Dean Nancy C. Andrews, MD, PhD I am writing to inform you of an important leadership...

New Research Publications

Ishida K, Berger M, Nadler J, Warner DS. Anesthetic Neuroprotection: Antecedents and An Appraisal of Preclinical and Clinical Data Quality....

Tew’s Abstract Accepted for 2014 CCSA Meeting “Best Posters”

Congratulations to Dr. Shannon Tew, a pediatric fellow in the Department of Anesthesiology, whose abstract entitled, “Natural History of Non-Immune Mediated...

New Research Publications

Berger M, Warner DS, McDonagh DL. Volatile anesthetic sedation during therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest in the ICU: A journey...

New Research Publications

Khan SA, Agrawal A, Hailey CE, Smith TP, Gokhale S, Alexander MJ, Britz GW, Zomorodi AR, McDonagh DL, James ML....

Anesthesiology Represented in the 2013 Rubicon Top Ten Downloads

Congratulations to those who made Rubicon’s Top Ten Downloads for 2013.  Four out of ten of these have an author...

New Research Publications

Raghunathan K, Barbeito A, Macleod D.  Goal-directed advanced cardiac life support: coronary perfusion pressure as a target during resuscitation*.  Crit...

New Research Publications

Ji RR, Berta T, Nedergaard M. Glia and pain: is chronic pain a gliopathy? Pain. 2013 Dec;154 Suppl 1:S10-28. Epub 2013 Jun...

New Research Publications

Habib AS, George RB, McKeen DM, White WD, Ituk US, Megalla SA, Allen TK. Antiemetics added to phenylephrine infusion during...

Winter 2014 DIG Report: Miklos Kertai, MD, PhD

Pharmacogenomics of β-blockers: Implication for Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation Miklos Kertai, MD, PhD The purpose of our study is to identify...

Winter 2014 DIG Report: Steve Melton, MD

Neurointerventional Regional Anesthesia to Improve Hand Rehabilitation in Stroke Steve Melton, MD Collaboration between investigators from anesthesiology, physical therapy, neurology,...

Dream Campaign Goal Update

The DREAM Innovation Grant (DIG) supports innovative high-risk, and potentially high-reward investigations to accelerate anesthesia and pain management research. Our...

Duke Anesthesiology Announces New Pain Program Site

We are excited to announce the official launch of our new Department of Anesthesiology Pain Program website! This site reflects...

New Research Publications

Yang CI, Fine GF, Jooste EH, Mutich R, Walczak SA, Motoyama EK. The effect of cisatracurium and rocuronium on lung...

Melissa Christiansen, PhD Receives Research Grant Award

Melissa Christiansen, PhD, Research Associate in the Molecular Genetics of Pain Signaling Laboratory of the Division of Basic Sciences, received...

W. Dan Tracey, PhD Receives Research Grant Award

W. Dan Tracey, PhD, of the Division of Basic Sciences and Director of the Molecular Genetics of Pain Signaling Laboratory...

Zhen-Zhong Xu, PhD Receives Research Grant Award

Zhen-Zhong Xu, PhD, of the Sensory Plasticity and Pain Research Group in Division of Basic Sciences, received a new 2-year...

New Research Publications

Iwabuchi M, Sheng H, Thompson J, Wang L, Dubois LG, Gooden D, Moseley M, Paschen W, Yang W.  Characterization of...

Recent Research Publications

Cherry AD, Suliman HB, Bartz RB, Piantadosi CA.  Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ co-activator 1 α as a critical co-activator of...

New Research Publications

Mathew JP, White WD, Schinderle DB, Podgoreanu MV, Berger M, Milano CA, Laskowitz DT, Stafford-Smith M, Blumenthal JA, Newman MF....

Dr. Karthik Raghunathan Receives Research Grant Award

Congratulations to one of our 2013 DREAM Innovation Grant recipients, Dr. Karthik Raghunathan, who was recently awarded the $100,000 APSF/ASA...

Congratulations to our three, 2014 DIG winners!

After careful consideration, the DIG Application Review Committee, comprised of: Dr. Manuel Fontes, Dr. Tong-Joo Gan , Dr. Ru-Rong Ji,...

Gene Makeup May Help Explain Amputees’ Chronic Pain

(HealthDay)—Soldiers with certain gene variations seem more likely than others to have chronic pain after limb amputation, a small study...

New Research Publications

Karhausen J, Stafford-Smith M. The role of nonocclusive sources of acute gut injury in cardiac surgery: A review. J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth....

Spring 2013 DIG Report: Miklos Kertai, MD, PhD

Pharmacogenomics of β-blockers: Implication for Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation Miklos Kertai, MD, PhD The purpose of our study is to identify genetic variations in...

Spring 2013 DIG Report: Steve Melton, MD

Neurointerventional Regional Anesthesia to Improve Hand Rehabilitation in Stroke Steve Melton, MD This collaborative research project between investigators from anesthesiology, physical therapy, and neurology is proceeding...

Spring 2013 DIG Report: Michael W. Manning, MD, PhD

Cardiopulmonary Bypass Induced Inflammatory Changes in the Atrial Wall: The Novel Role for Cardiac Chymase produced Angiotensin II in the Development of Atrial Fibrillation Michael Manning, MD, PhD...

Spring 2013 DIG Report: Karthik Raghunathan, MD, MPH

Comparative effectiveness in Perioperative and Critical Care Medicine: Crystalloid Fluid Therapy Karthik Raghunathan, MD, MPH Balanced salt solutions are often used for the treatment of dehydration...

Winter 2012 DIG Report: Mihai V. Podgoreanu, MD

Elucidating Adaptive Mechanisms of Perioperative Cardioprotection Following Ischemia-reperfusion in Hibernating Arctic Ground Squirrels Mihai V. Podgoreanu, MD The overall goal of...

Winter 2012 DIG Report: Joern A. Karhausen, MD

Determinants of Intestinal Epithelial Wound Healing Joern A. Karhausen, MD The main hypothesis of our proposal was that the local...

Winter 2012 DIG Report: Huaxin Sheng, MD

Effect of a Mn Porphyrin in Neuropathic Pain With the support of our DIG, we developed two mouse models of...

New Research Publications

Thiele R, Bartels K, Esper S, Ikeda K, Gan TJ. Real-Time Doppler-Based Arterial Vascular Impedance and Peripheral Pressure-Flow Loops: A...

New Research Publications

Bartels K, Thiele RH, Phillips-Bute B, Glower DD, Swaminathan M, Kisslo J, Burkhard Mackensen G.  Dynamic indices of mitral valve...

New Research Publications

Davis NL, Davis DA, Johnson NM, Grichnik KL, Headrick LA, Pingleton SK, Bower E, Gibbs R.  Aligning academic continuing medical...

New Research Publications

Lu Y, Dong H, Gao Y, Gong Y, Ren Y, Gu N, Zhou S, Xia N, Sun YY, Ji RR,...

2012 Final DIG Report | "Effect of an Mn-porphyrin in Neuropathic Pain" – Huaxin Sheng, MD

Clinical investigations indicate that 60% to 80% of spinal cord injury (SCI) patients experience pain, which is severe in nature in at least...

2012 Final DIG Report | "Elucidating Adaptive Mechanisms of Perioperative Cardioprotection Following Ischemia-reperfusion in Hibernating Arctic Ground Squirrels" – Mihai Podgoreanu, MD

The overall goal of this study is to understand how hibernating animals have developed natural defense mechanisms to withstand extremes of environment, and to...

2012 Final DIG Report | "Determinants of Intestinal Epithelial Wound Healing" – Joern A. Karhausen, MD

The Study This study is aimed at unraveling compensatory mechanisms that help the intestinal mucosa respond to injury due to ischemia (interruption of...

DIG Recipients Surpass the $1 Million Mark for Extramural Funding

Want to find out how to turn $150,000 into over $1 MILLION dollars? Just ask five of our DREAM Innovation...

New Research Publications

Lei B, Dawson HN, Roulhac-Wilson B, Wang H, Laskowitz DT, James ML. Tumor necrosis factor alpha antagonism improves neurological recovery in...

Medical Student Wins Scholarship Fund Award

Congratulations to Nelson Diamond, MS-III student and participant in the Duke Anesthesiology Everest Trek, for winning the James B. D....

New Research Publications

Pagadala P, Park CK, Bang S, Xu ZZ, Xie RG, Liu T, Han BX, Tracey WD Jr, Wang F, Ji...

New Research Publications

Ouyang MW, McDonagh DL, Phillips-Bute B, James ML, Friedman AH, Gan TJ.  Comparison of postoperative nausea between benign and malignant...

New Research Publications

Brown KE, Mirrakhimov AE, Yeddula K, Kwatra MM.  Propofol and the risk of delirium: Exploring the anticholinergic properties of propofol. ...

New Research Publications

Wright MC, Segall N, Hobbs G, Phillips-Bute B, Maynard L, Taekman JM.  Standardized assessment for evaluation of team skills: validity...

Uncovering A Healthier Remedy For Chronic Pain

DURHAM, N.C. — Physicians and patients who are wary of addiction to pain medication and opioids may soon have a...

New Research Publications

Levy JH, Faraoni D, Spring JL, Douketis JD, Samama CM.  Managing new oral anticoagulants in the perioperative and intensive care...

New Research Publications

Zhang ZJ, Cao DL, Zhang X, Ji RR, Gao YJ.  Chemokine contribution to neuropathic pain: respective induction of CXCL1 and...

New Research Publications

Ji RR, Berta T, Nedergaard M.  Glia and Pain: Is chronic pain a gliopathy?  Pain. 2013 Jun 20. doi:pii: S0304-3959(13)00330-8....

TEE Meets iPad

As a pioneer of transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) during cardiac surgery, the department has always used traditional didactic methods to teach...

Arctic Wonders

Scientists at Duke are hard at work to unravel how arctic ground squirrels hibernate through the harsh Alaskan winter. They...

Surgeons at Duke University Hospital Implant Bioengineered Vein

This article features Laura Niklason, MD, PhD, co-founder of Humacyte and a former faculty member at Duke Anesthesiology who is...

2013 ASA Best Abstracts

We would like to congratulate Drs. Andrew Shaw, Thomas Van de Ven, Alex Kieber, John Hsia, Nick Grissom, Thomas Buchheit...

New Research Publications

Lei B, Mace B, Bellows ST, Sullivan PM, Vitek MP, Laskowitz DT, James ML. Interaction between sex and APOE genetic...

New Research Publication

Berta T, Liu YC, Xu ZZ, Ji RR.  Tissue plasminogen activator contributes to morphine tolerance and induces mechanical allodynia via...

New Research Publications

Xu ZZ, Liu XJ, Berta T, Park CK, Lü N, Serhan CN, Ji RR.  Neuroprotectin/Protectin D1 protects neuropathic pain in...

2013 Academic Evening Wrap Up

The 21st Annual Academic Evening, held on Tuesday May 14 at the Millennium Hotel, was a wonderful success! Junior level...

New Research Grant Award

Michael Manning, MD, PhD, Research Fellow and Medical Instructor in the Division of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology was awarded a two-year $50,000...

New Research Publications

Liu T, Ji RR.  New insights into the mechanisms of itch: are pain and itch controlled by distinct mechanisms?  Pflugers...

New Research Publication

Reeves ST, Finley AC, Skubas NJ, Swaminathan M, Whitley WS, Glas KE, Hahn RT, Shanewise JS, Adams MS, Shernan SK;...

New Research Publication

Adler AC, Connelly NR, Ankam A, Raghunathan K.  Inhaled Anesthetic Agent-Vaporizer Mismatch: Management in Settings with Limited Resources: Don’t Try...

Duke Xtreme Everest 2 Recap

In 10 days the team trekked 40 miles and climbed 8,300 feet to the final Everest Base Camp altitude of...

New Research Publication

Ho JK, Zhou W, Ashraf M, Swaminathan M, Sahn D, Mahajan A.  Effect of Pharmacologic Increases in Afterload on Left Ventricular Rotation and Strain in...

How to Take Meeting Notes that Really Work

We would like to congratulate Dr. Jeffrey Taekman, who recently had his article, “How to take meeting notes that really...

New Research Grant Awards

Melissa Christiansen, PhD, Research Associate in the Molecular Genetics of Pain Signaling Laboratory of the Division of Basic Sciences, received...

New Research Publication

James ML, Anderson ND, Swaminathan M, Phillips-Bute B, Hanna JM, Smigla GR, Barfield ME, Bhattacharya SD, Williams JB, Gaca JG,...

Everest Team Reaches Base Camp

The Duke team was happy to see former Duke faculty member Dr. Monty Mythen, chair of Anaesthesia at University College...

New Research Publication

James ML, Grau-Sepulveda MV, Olson DM, Smith EE, Hernandez AF, Peterson ED, Schwamm LH, Bhatt DL, Fonarow GC.  Insurance Status...

Update from Pheriche

Update from Pheriche Nepal Xtreme Everest 2 trekkers have passed the 4000 meter mark and are now in Pheriche at...

Update from Namche

The team spent a couple of nights at the Summit Hotel in Kathmandu, where we were briefed on the journey...

New Research Publication

Olson DM, Grissom JL, Williamson RA, Bennett SN, Bellows ST, James ML. Interrater reliability of the bedside shivering assessment scale.  Am...

New Research Publication

Wang H, Anderson LG, Lascola CD, James ML, Venkatraman TN, Bennett ER, Acheson SK, Vitek MP, Laskowitz DT.  ApolipoproteinE mimetic peptides...

Duke Everest Trekkers Gather

Kathmandu March 29 Despite the vagaries of air travel, all trekkers managed to converge on the Summit Hotel in preparation...

Namaste! – From the Everest Team

3 flights, 3 airpots, 21 hours in the air, and about 14 hours in airports later…we have arrived (along with...

New Research Grant Award

Jeffrey Taekman MD, Assistant Dean for Educational Technology, Director of the Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center and Faculty, Duke...

New Research Publication

Bartels K, Daneshmand MA, Mathew JP, Glower DD, Swaminathan M, Nicoara A.  Delayed postmyectomy ventricular septal defect.  J Cardiothorac Vasc...

New Research Publication

Bartels K, Thiele RH, Gan TJ.  Rational fluid management in today’s ICU practice.  Critical Care 2013, 17(Suppl 1):S6.

Dream Campaign Goal Update

The DREAM Innovation Grant (DIG) supports innovative high-risk, and potentially high-reward investigations to accelerate anesthesia and pain management research. Our...

Everest Preparations: March 21, 2013 – The Hats

Well, we are getting closer to our departure date (Tuesday) and receiving all kinds of good luck wishes from friends...

Final Preparations for Everest Trek

By Christopher Young, MD We are fortunate to be able to participate in the upcoming Xtreme Everest 2 trek and...

New Research Publication

Karhausen J, Qing M, Gibson A, Moeser AJ, Griefingholt H, Hale LP, Abraham SN, Mackensen GB.  Intestinal mast cells mediate...

New Research Publication

Lehman EP, Guercio JR. The Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam – A Poor Value Proposition. N Engl J Med. 2013...

SUMO Patent Awarded to Paschen Lab

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has published the invention “SUMO as a Marker of Cancer Development and Target...

New Research Grant Award

Zhen-Zhong Xu, PhD, of the Sensory Plasticity and Pain Research Group in Division of Basic Sciences, received a new 2-year...

New Research Publication

Raghunathan K, Shaw A.  Hydroxyethyl starch or saline in intensive care.  N Engl J Med. 2013 Feb 21;368(8):774-5.

New Research Publication

Raghunathan K, Connelly NR, Friderici J, Naglieri-Prescod D, Joyce R, Prasanna P, Ponnusamy N.  Unwarranted variability in antibiotic prophylaxis for...

Duke Hyperbaric Team Completes Altitude Simulation

An altitude simulation of a trek from ground level to the altitude of Namche Bazaar, Nepal (11,500 ft) was completed...